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Desided to write an entry in English once in a week.

Today, I had test that called "Centre Test" that hold on January third week every year in Japan.
I scored 178points on English test...

And, I think that I have to re-study English.
But there are no way or situation to speak English, so I decided to start to write one entry in English per week.

It is very embarressed to write entry in this bad English...

I thought that I must select some subjects to write, and the subjects must be fun for me. So I selected BBC Sport - Football. I love football, to play, to watch.

Although, I dont know much about Premier-League. So I started to research it first.

The official site is Official Site of the Premier League | And the history of Premier-League. History.

I read it and I learned that "Premier-League is very young!". It started on 1992, because of hooliganizm and the accident on 1985 at Heysel Studium. Heysel Stadium disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
39 people killed in this disaster...

I love football, because I ve lived in England for four years in childhood, from seven to eleven years old. It was very good experience for my life, and I learned that foot ball is very fun sport.
But now I understood that the football is not just a sport, it is a war, especially for British.

Oh I used the word "British" after a long time...

Thats enough for today. I'm sure that I will continue to write a entry in English. am sure...