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Big Four clubs

I remembered that I've decided to write entry in english last week just now...
I have some work to do tonight. But,,, I love to do something like this when I busy. I know It is a bad habit, though.

Now, I will continue to writing about Premier-League.
Today I heard a word "Big Four" on TV programme, NHK Sunday Sports. Today I know that Sunday Sports have a segment about Premier-League for the first time.

The web site of Sunday Sports is sucks. I had thought that NHK's designer is so talented when I watched opening movie of the programme. And now I realized that the web is not important for them. It is too poor. What the fxxking NHK. You must create a better web site on this modern age. So that This is the reason for that Japan could not be the one of IT nations.

Meh, whatever.
The origin of the word "Big Four" is based on the fact. That is, there are no club won the Premiership other than four clubs.
Manchester United(nine times), Arsenal(three times), Chelsea(twice). And Blackburn Rovers won the title once. So this is the fact. just four team won the Premiere-League. According to The Football Premiership Blog, The histoly is like this,

2006-07 Manchester United
2005-06 Chelsea
2004-05 Chelsea
2003-04 Arsenal
2002-03 Manchester United
2001-02 Arsenal
2000-01 Manchester United
1999-00 Manchester United
1998-99 Manchester United
1997-98 Arsenal
1996-97 Manchester United
1995-96 Manchester United
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers
1993-94 Manchester United
1992-93 Manchester United 

What!? I always thought that Liverpool had already won the Premiership!
I like Liverpool because my young sister loves, no, crazy for Liverpool.

When they won the UEFA Champions League, I was whatching TV!
2005 UEFA Champions League Final - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is the most impressive game I ever watched.
I had gaveup when liverpool 3 points against AC Milan.
But, Steaven Gerrard did not. When the second half just started, Gerrard did it. and couple of minuites after, Vladimír Šmicer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia scored the second point. And!! Xabi Alonso - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia awarded a penalty! Then Liverpool won the game.
What the splendid game! I thought.

I cant beleve that the Livepool can not won the Premier-League.
So this is the Premier-League!