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User Documentation for Flash Streaming via PHP, FlvStreamProvider

FSP*1 is a PHP script that enables to stream FLV file via PHP. originally inspired by Streaming Flv Video via PHP take two, Stefan Richter.

FSP is not an substitution of FlashMediaServer.
But it able to seek the video position on demand, means "streaming".
The problems are, FMS needs port 1935 for RTMP protocol, and FMS can not work with Http Server at same time.

FSP will solve this problem simply. Just put this script and Flash videos on your server, then you can serve streaming video with 80 port.

Original script, provided by Stefan, is very cool, but it is not able to specify position via milisecond, and no seek position cache future. So I rewritten the script.


Now you can access video.
For example, if you want to access streaming/video.flv, and position 30sec, specify file and position.

If you want to create a cache for the video, access


Arguments are,

name meaning default
file(required) file name of the video none
position position to seek in milisecond 0
createcache create cache none

Now you can create a streaming video/audio application!